Airship Squadron 3 (ZP-3)

Airship Patrol Squadron 3 (ZP-3) was located at Lakehurst from 1951 to 1961. Many different airships were assigned to the squadron over the years.

ZP-3 was instrumental in taking innovative developments in Lighter Than Air (LTA) into the cold war period. Antisubmarine warfare was perfected using the ZPG-2N airship equipped with sonobuoys, magnetic detection equipment, passive electronic detection equipment, and a powerful radar. This airship could carry a variety of underwater weapons, including target seeking torpedos.

Tactics for airborne refueling from surface ships were developed and long-endurance operations were conducted for over 200 hours. More advanced systems for enemy submarine detection and tracking put an end to ZP-3 antisubmarine operations, such as the SOund SUrveillance System (SOSUS) that provided deep-water long-range detection capability.

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Airship Squadron 3 insignia.

Our squadron insignia.

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