Larry's U.S. Navy Airship Ebook Now Available FREE

Why I'm Now Giving the Ebook Away Free

Many years ago I authored and published my paperback edition of "Larry's Airship Picture Book" which sold for $12.95. (That was back in the days of dot matrix printers and dialup modems!) After many updates to printers and the Internet over the years the book was converted to a PDF download format and sold online for $3.95. It could be printed at home with laser or inkjet printer with good results -- and I had no mailing chore like with the paperback copies.

In most cases it seemed sons or daughters of WWII blimp crewmen ordered the book. Sometimes researchers bought a copy. I had many interesting and friendly email exchanges with people who purchased a copy of the book.

But here is the story now: I'm getting old (DOB April 1933) and want to simplify my life and material possessions and obligations. So one thing I'm doing is making this eBook available free for anyone interested in downloading the PDF file. That way I'll not be worried if people who paid for the eBook got their copy alright, because sometimes something weird would happen, and if they didn't get the download they would feel ripped off. So to simplify it, I'm making the PDF copy available free and you take your chances on everything working correctly. If your computer crashes during the free download you shouldn't feel ripped off. Lots of luck!

Incidentally, I added the ankle-deep in gasoline story (pages 79-91) and that brought the page count to over 100 pages.

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